Friday, September 27, 2013


Do I really want to start this up again??

Sunday, May 20, 2012


My Sisters came in the weekend after Reece was born and spoiled me and Brody with SO MUCH FOOD!! We have had freezer meals this whole month! I can't believe how long it's been since I've been actual grocery shopping. They and my mom are awesome!


Through the month we've LOVED having visitors come and see Reece. Thanks everyone for coming out.


And with a snap of a finger she was here! Ha Just kidding. It was more like with a snap of a finger, 22 hours of labor, an epidural that wore off, 10 more seconds and I would of had an emergency C-section, episiotomy, throwing up, passing out, starving, water breaking that ran down Brody's legs, IV that went straight through my vein.. SHE WAS HERE!! No biggie. Piece of Cake really. That pretty much sums it up. She was born April 19th at 4:25am. She weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and was 19 inches long. We had been in the hospital for 3 days and I was dying to get out and go recover at home. They finally let us go Friday night and recovery at home is much better then the hospital. We hadn't picked her name until we were pretty much leaving the hospital. It was between Maelee, Jaci, and Reece. We decided on Reece and it fits her perfectly! Reece Aurina Robinson will be her name. Aurina is my great grandmothers name but she goes by Rena. This baby girl is prefect in everyway. Brody is totally smitten and she is my best friend. Now here are picks from the mornng we left to the hospital until she was born!

Family Baby Shower

Let me just tell ya.. Erin totally out did herself this time. My Mom and Stef helped a ton too. Brody's grandparents came in from Idaho and Joyce and Jenny came in from Arizona to be to the shower. We played some fun games, everyone made baby girl a onsie, we ate the best appetizers and stuffed chicken I've ever had, and Brody and the boys made it home in time after Priesthood to open presents with me. We got SO much great stuff! Her wardrobe is bigger then mine and we pretty much got everything we needed. Thank you everyone! It was such a busy day in preparing that I didn't really elevate my swollen feet. By the end of the night they were HUGE. Like elephant status. I appreciate all those who helped make this special for me and the time and effort everyone put in to be there. You're all the best.

Brough Realty

My last day of work was the last Friday in March. I've worked at Brough Realty for almost 4 years. It was the best job I've ever had! I loved everyone (well almost everyone) I worked with. When I got there on Friday the whole office was there for a surprise baby shower/good-bye party. We had a delicious luncheon and I got some great gifts. I didn't think I would but right when I got in my car to go home I started crying.. like the whole way home. I was laughing and crying to myself and probably looked like a crazy person. Brody was very supportive through my hormonal, emotional break down. This is my sad face.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's going on!

so my access to the internet has been limited. here is an update on what's been happening lately... I am getting induced wednesday, yes tomorrow! at 6 am. I have very high blood pressure and the dr. is worried about toxemia. So she's calling it gestational hypertension so anyone choosing to be induced that day will get bumped because I'm considered medical.. Sorry ladies trying to have babies that day. Starting on sunday I started getting really nauseated and getting super bad headaches. It's most likely due to the high blood pressure. I have a dr. appointment this afternoon and I'm hoping she'll just send me to the hospital because this does not feel good at all! Yuck!
luckily brody took the day off today to take care of me. He's been a real sweetheart to take care of me and get everything ready for baby to come home.
Well that about sums it up. I think brody will post some pics on facebook of the big day. wish us luck for a short delivery!

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